Jewelry Makeovers

There's so many things that I love about being a jeweler.

First off, playing with beautiful, sparkly gemstones is an obvious perk for a glamour-lover like me. And don't get me started with going to big jewelry shows - tables and tables of gorgeous pendants, earrings and RINGS! It's always the rings for me.

Actually, most women prefer buying rings and bracelets, and men love purchasing pendants and earrings. Why? Because a woman can see and enjoy rings and bracelets on herself - they're always in her sight. Men look AT their ladies and notice the pendants (because duh - look where they hang!), and earrings (eyes up here, please).

So, when C.J. came to us with an antique diamond pendant that she inherited from her grandma - a beautiful, filigree-style, with a cushion shaped diamond - she asked about making it into a ring.

After the glitter, my second favorite part of making custom jewelry at our Dublin store, Scott's Custom Jewelers, is the stories. And nothing make…

Oscar Jewelry Styles That Everyone Can Wear

The 2017 Oscars were memorable for many things, but let's focus on the fun part - JEWELRY!

Since most of us don't get to rock the red carpet on a regular basis (but I'm seriously jealous of the tour bus customers), the real question is: how do we pull off great jewelry style for a trip to the grocery store?

Easy. I've taken a few Oscar looks and modified them with custom jewelry from our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers in Dublin, Ohio.

Let's start with the ears. Long dangle style earrings were certainly a hit. Big and bold (and probably heavy too). But you can also get this big look at a lower price with fabulous diamond glimmer earrings.

Available in many styles, in white, yellow and even rose gold, these beauties are full of sparkle AND lightweight. We call them "cell phone worthy".  Plus, they won't break the bank with prices starting at $199 in sterling silver.

Another cool earring style big at the Oscar's were ear climbers.

Funky earrings…

Top Wedding Ring Trends for 2017

So many choices. Today's couples have tons of options when they stop by our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers, to pick out their wedding bands. Whether it's a custom ring to match exactly, or a completely different wedding ring style altogether, the only rule is: there are no rules!

One wedding ring trend that we have seen lately is the contrasting wedding band. Mixing up metal colors, gemstones, or even textures is fun. Instead of making the band match the engagement ring, brides today want them to each stand out. (They even let their bridal party coordinate, but not match now - very cool!)

 What's old is new again, and that goes for another wedding ring trend - vintage bands. Delicate beaded edges with small diamonds set into both white gold and rose gold are super stylish.  The scalloped edges are key to this beautiful ring design.

Even though diamonds are forever, sapphires are making a comeback! And not just blue sapphires. In fact, sapphires come in every color in …

Time For A Little Hoopla - Hoop Earrings Are Big Now!

Earring styles have been all over the place in recent years. At Scott's Custom Jewelers, we've seen them all. Cool ear climber earrings, threaded style earrings, even gauges. But according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the 70s classic - the hoop - is back.

Yes. Simple, elegant, go-with-everything hoops.
Ok, Kim K is ANYTHING but simple, but you get the drift. And face it, the K empire does know fashion! “I think hoops are coming back in a big way,” one bi-coastal retailer told the Wall Street Journal. It's true. We've been selling quite a few at our Dublin and Fairlawn, Ohio locations. These pretty pieces in both 14k white and yellow gold are some of our best sellers. Why? Because they're light weight, well made and easy on the phone. And you KNOW it's all about comfort while talking! And because Scott's likes to be just a little bit different, we've used these same hoop earrings as the base for great custom earring dangles. Simply thread …

Jewelry Inspirations: Turn Traditional Jewelry Into Contemporary Pieces At Scott's!

Scott's Custom Jewelers knows about your secret stash of jewelry. What?

We've all got jewelry tucked into our underwear drawer that we don't wear, but can't part with yet. Traditional, "Princess Di-style" blue sapphire rings, a diamond stick pin from your great grandma, maybe even a diamond tennis bracelet (broken of course - those links caught on everything)! We've seen plenty of these pieces at our two custom jewelry stores.

Why do we hide it away? Probably because your jewelry style has changed. Maybe you're into the multi-gemstone, bib necklaces that are so popular now. Or perhaps it's asymmetrical jewelry that catches your eye. Whatever your style, those hidden gems have plenty of potential. You just need some inspiration!

That's what one of our Dublin, OH customer's recently did.

She had some jewelry pieces/parts that she'd been hoarding for awhile. Diamonds that she got from her father's inheritance. A blue/purple tanzanite …

Vacation Jewelry Tales - Even The Jeweler Can Get Taken

So, after 27 years of marriage, Scott and I finally left our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers, and went away, for a whole week (!) by ourselves. We've left on quick getaways for custom jewelry shows, but this was a big trip. Our 50th birthday gift to ourselves. And it was awesome!
When our customers go on an exotic vacation, we always tell them to buy that jewelry souvenir, but don't spend a lot of money on it. Just in case...

Well, we need to start following our own advise!

While walking the streets of playa del Carmen, trying NOT to get assaulted by the street vendors, we wandered into a cute little jewelry store. It was filled with leather wallets, "handcrafted" pottery (stamped Made in China!), and, of course, lots of jewelry.
We decided that we wanted to get matching sterling silver bracelets to remember our trip. (I know, kind of hokey, but there was a lot of tequila flowing that week!)

Right off the bat, we told the store owner that we too, were jewelers. An…

Award Show Jewelry - Great Jewelry Ideas That Everyone Can Pull Off.

Usually, award show jewelry tends to be, well, a little dramatic. I mean, not many people can pull off wearing studded dog collars to work. (Although at Scott's Custom Jewelers, we can be a little more daring!) But at last weeks Grammy Awards, there were plenty of jewelry hits that just about everyone can wear. Take the choker. It's back and the delicate jewelry style looks amazing, especially with asymmetrical necklines. Remember those thin, seed pearl necklaces from the 80s? (the ones in the bottom of your jewelry box). Restringing them into a simple choker is a great way to recycle your jewelry, and be in style this spring. 
Speaking of recycling, the Grammy Awards featured a lot of fabulous vintage style jewelry. Try wearing Grandma's rings, sized to fit the index or middle finger. Big rings and thin bracelets look especially good together, and can be both casual and dressy. Scott's Custom Jeweler's thin sparkle bracelets are a perfect compliment to any style…