Friday, March 3, 2017

Oscar Jewelry Styles That Everyone Can Wear

Charlize Theron rocks the large earring trend.
The 2017 Oscars were memorable for many things, but let's focus on the fun part - JEWELRY!

Since most of us don't get to rock the red carpet on a regular basis (but I'm seriously jealous of the tour bus customers), the real question is: how do we pull off great jewelry style for a trip to the grocery store?

Easy. I've taken a few Oscar looks and modified them with custom jewelry from our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers in Dublin, Ohio.

Let's start with the ears. Long dangle style earrings were certainly a hit. Big and bold (and probably heavy too). But you can also get this big look at a lower price with fabulous diamond glimmer earrings.

Diamond glimmer earrings in rose gold at Scott's Custom Jewelers in Dublin, OH.

Available in many styles, in white, yellow and even rose gold, these beauties are full of sparkle AND lightweight. We call them "cell phone worthy".  Plus, they won't break the bank with prices starting at $199 in sterling silver.

Another cool earring style big at the Oscar's were ear climbers.

Isabelle Huppert rocks diamond ear climbers.

Funky earrings look awesome all on their own - no other jewelry needed. Pair them with jeans and Ts to immediately bring your stock up.

Sterling silver and crystal ear climbers at Scott's Custom Jewelers.

Our fun sterling silver and diamond simulate earrings give you all the glam without a home equity loan. With many different options, you're sure to find a pair that will set you apart.

Now on to necks. Big necklaces were, well big at the Oscars.

Kirsten Dunst with a statement necklace.

Oscar necklaces are typically unique - but you can also get that look with a statement piece from Scott's Custom Jewelers. The key is to find something that goes with your style. Curvy necklaces with unusual gemstones. Bold pops of color. Anything that doesn't look like everyone else. And even better if you use pieces you already own, you get style plus a story!

This freshwater pearl pendant is set into a blackened sterling silver design, and available at Scott's Custom Jewelers.
Statement necklaces don't have to be pricey. Take this pearl necklace. Cool enough to be noticed, but casual enough for yoga pants.

14kw diamond swirl pendant.
Even small diamonds can make a big impact. By sandblasting the white gold, the diamonds really stand out.

It's easy to stand out like a star with unique jewelry!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Top Wedding Ring Trends for 2017

Diamond wedding rings in rose gold, beaded and rope styles are the trend for 2017.
So many choices. Today's couples have tons of options when they stop by our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers, to pick out their wedding bands. Whether it's a custom ring to match exactly, or a completely different wedding ring style altogether, the only rule is: there are no rules!

A classic diamond solitaire with contrasting wedding bands.

One wedding ring trend that we have seen lately is the contrasting wedding band. Mixing up metal colors, gemstones, or even textures is fun. Instead of making the band match the engagement ring, brides today want them to each stand out. (They even let their bridal party coordinate, but not match now - very cool!)

Vintage inspired designs, like these custom rings from Scott's Custom Jewelers, are very popular.
 What's old is new again, and that goes for another wedding ring trend - vintage bands. Delicate beaded edges with small diamonds set into both white gold and rose gold are super stylish.  The scalloped edges are key to this beautiful ring design.

Sapphires and diamonds are another great wedding ring design.
Even though diamonds are forever, sapphires are making a comeback! And not just blue sapphires. In fact, sapphires come in every color in the rainbow. And because they are a sturdy stone, sapphires are great choices for wedding rings.
Eternity bands with style!

And of course, eternity bands are still the bomb. But with a twist. We've been making a lot of these cool ribbon styled diamond bands here at Scott's Custom Jewelers. Nestled up next to a straight sided engagement ring, or made to match, these eternity bands really stand out, and look great by themselves too!

Whatever your style, we can help. Stop by and let's make something beautiful, together!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time For A Little Hoopla - Hoop Earrings Are Big Now!

Earring styles have been all over the place in recent years. At Scott's Custom Jewelers, we've seen them all. Cool ear climber earrings, threaded style earrings, even gauges. But according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the 70s classic - the hoop - is back.

Yes. Simple, elegant, go-with-everything hoops.
Ok, Kim K is ANYTHING but simple, but you get the drift. And face it, the K empire does know fashion!
“I think hoops are coming back in a big way,” one bi-coastal retailer told the Wall Street Journal. It's true. We've been selling quite a few at our Dublin and Fairlawn, Ohio locations.
These pretty pieces in both 14k white and yellow gold are some of our best sellers. Why? Because they're light weight, well made and easy on the phone. And you KNOW it's all about comfort while talking!
Hoops with a twist - these literally go with everything from office to yoga.
And because Scott's likes to be just a little bit different, we've used these same hoop earrings as the base for great custom earring dangles. Simply thread them on, and you've changed your earring from casual to fancy!
Blue sapphire earring dangles can be added to dress up simple hoops.

Sterling silver hoops with pink crystal dangles from our John Medeiros line.
Hint: we love to convert old post style earrings into dangles. It's an easy way to update a look and is very affordable too.
Hoops that sparkle are another fun trend. At Scott's, these popular 14k earrings with diamond glimmer have been a best seller. Available in straight hoop styles, or with neat features like sandblasting or a twist. Priced under $499, they give you a lot of look for the money!
14ky glimmer hoops come in white, yellow and rose.

The best part about hoop earrings is that they come in all shapes and sizes. For example, small button hoops look great on "vertically challenged" people. And the scratched finish on these hoops make them very fashion-forward.
Small, button-style hoops in white, rose and black sterling silver.
If there's one piece of jewelry (well, technically two, since they come in pairs) that you should invest in this year, it's hoops. In fact, I'm wearing them myself now!
Trying to copy the Kim K look!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Jewelry Inspirations: Turn Traditional Jewelry Into Contemporary Pieces At Scott's!

Scott's Custom Jewelers knows about your secret stash of jewelry. What?

*Not my undie drawer!

We've all got jewelry tucked into our underwear drawer that we don't wear, but can't part with yet. Traditional, "Princess Di-style" blue sapphire rings, a diamond stick pin from your great grandma, maybe even a diamond tennis bracelet (broken of course - those links caught on everything)! We've seen plenty of these pieces at our two custom jewelry stores.
A vintage sapphire and diamond ring.

Why do we hide it away? Probably because your jewelry style has changed. Maybe you're into the multi-gemstone, bib necklaces that are so popular now. Or perhaps it's asymmetrical jewelry that catches your eye. Whatever your style, those hidden gems have plenty of potential. You just need some inspiration!

That's what one of our Dublin, OH customer's recently did.

She had some jewelry pieces/parts that she'd been hoarding for awhile. Diamonds that she got from her father's inheritance. A blue/purple tanzanite ring from a great vacation. But she wanted a "wow" piece. Something that strangers would stop and ask her about. Something with style and a story. And while so much of her jewelry was traditionally set, her personal style was quite different.

She set an appointment with Scott (but actually, everyone at Scott's is a designer), and we got to work. We literally have 1000s of photos of our custom jewelry designs available, as well as two stores filled with great wearable jewelry art. So we got to work, and came up with a great jewelry plan.

Since her tanzanite was triangle shaped, we agreed that a wide design would work especially well as a ring. And because the gemstone is fairly soft (which means it needs protection), we wanted to set the stone low, and guard it with gold bars.

We used our amazing CAD system to design her piece, and sent her high resolution photos of her proposed design. That was the fun part and she liked what she saw!

Then we made a polymer model using our hi tech 3D printer and she got to actually try the ring on before we made it. Huge deal. By trying the model on, we were able to adjust the sides a bit for a truly custom fit.

We think the finished product speaks for itself.

I think it's time to dig through your drawers!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Vacation Jewelry Tales - Even The Jeweler Can Get Taken

So, after 27 years of marriage, Scott and I finally left our store, Scott's Custom Jewelers, and went away, for a whole week (!) by ourselves. We've left on quick getaways for custom jewelry shows, but this was a big trip. Our 50th birthday gift to ourselves. And it was awesome!
This greeted us when we arrived.
When our customers go on an exotic vacation, we always tell them to buy that jewelry souvenir, but don't spend a lot of money on it. Just in case...

Well, we need to start following our own advise!

While walking the streets of playa del Carmen, trying NOT to get assaulted by the street vendors, we wandered into a cute little jewelry store. It was filled with leather wallets, "handcrafted" pottery (stamped Made in China!), and, of course, lots of jewelry.
Leather beer bottle holders - funny how the Mexican word for beer sounds like our last name:) 
We decided that we wanted to get matching sterling silver bracelets to remember our trip. (I know, kind of hokey, but there was a lot of tequila flowing that week!)

Right off the bat, we told the store owner that we too, were jewelers. And that we ONLY wanted to see jewelry stamped 925 (which means pure sterling silver in the international world, not plated, costume pieces). We were so smug.

So Mr. Mexican Jewelry Store Owner started pulling out "the good stuff" from under the counter. We sorted through a ton of bracelets until we found a pair that looked unisex. The geometric, linked style also reminded us of Mexico and the Aztec influence. We loved them.
Our unisex matching silver bracelets.
The bracelets were clearly stamped to be sterling silver - we even used a jeweler's loupe to examine them. They also felt heavy like sterling silver should be for bracelets of that size. And, they weren't magnetic - a SURE sign that they could be costume jewelry. We were not only smug, but smart!

The only trouble was that Scott's bracelet was a tad to small. But, Mr. Mexican Jewelry Store Owner had a fabulous solution: he could cut off a link from a third bracelet and, since we were jewelers, we could attach it ourselves when we returned to the States. Awesome idea.

So we started negotiating. We weighed the bracelets, and, knowing the price per gram of sterling silver, made an offer which we felt was fair, but also a great deal for us.

Mr. Mexican Jewelry Store Owner and Scott went back and forth, until they finally settled on $300 AND a glass tequila bottle and matching shot glass set thrown in for free. Cash.

Note to self: never pay cash out of the country.

We were thrilled. We spent the rest of our trip relaxing, laughing and playing in the beautiful sunshine.
Obligatory beach/foot shot
And when we went home (to 2' of new snow), we excitedly told our staff about our great deal on matching bracelets. Jon, our talented bench jeweler, said he could put Scott's bracelet back together right then.

All that had to be done was to solder (that's using a torch to join 2 pieces of metal together) the new link onto the bracelet. Except, when he heated the piece up, ALL OF THE SILVER COATING MELTED OFF!
Notice the copper color of the extra pin? That's not sterling silver!

It was fake. A good fake, but completely and professionally counterfeit. The sterling silver bracelet was actually a copper bracelet heavily plated with silver - worth $10 tops. It was made especially to fool tourists into thinking it was sterling silver and worth a bigger price tag. We were duped.

And since we paid cash, there was no recourse from the credit card company. We couldn't even file a claim against the store.

We were initially very upset, then embarrassed. I'm sure Mr. Mexican Jewelry Store Owner was laughing all the way to the bank about the "jewelry store owners who were fooled by his cheap jewelry." It stung.

So, what are we going to do? Well, since we're custom jewelers - we're going to recreate the bracelets with our CAD technology out of real sterling silver! And, we're going to go back to Mexico and ... lay in the sun! Life's too short to hold a grudge!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Award Show Jewelry - Great Jewelry Ideas That Everyone Can Pull Off.

Usually, award show jewelry tends to be, well, a little dramatic. I mean, not many people can pull off wearing studded dog collars to work. (Although at Scott's Custom Jewelers, we can be a little more daring!) But at last weeks Grammy Awards, there were plenty of jewelry hits that just about everyone can wear.
Jennifer Hudson looks stunning in a diamond choker.
Take the choker. It's back and the delicate jewelry style looks amazing, especially with asymmetrical necklines. Remember those thin, seed pearl necklaces from the 80s? (the ones in the bottom of your jewelry box). Restringing them into a simple choker is a great way to recycle your jewelry, and be in style this spring. 

Speaking of recycling, the Grammy Awards featured a lot of fabulous vintage style jewelry. Try wearing Grandma's rings, sized to fit the index or middle finger.
A large citrine and diamond ring looks balanced with a thin sparkle bracelet.

Big rings and thin bracelets look especially good together, and can be both casual and dressy. Scott's Custom Jeweler's thin sparkle bracelets are a perfect compliment to any style ring.

Ariana Grande wore her grandmother's jewelry to the show.
Another trend spotted at the Grammy Awards was multiple rings on each hand, as well as stacking rings. This year, it's all about the fingers (not the bass).
Scott's Custom Jeweler's blue and pink sapphire square shaped stacking rings, along with a diamond band, look amazing together, or alone.

Colored gemstones are always popular, but black and white combinations stole the show. Whether it was black diamonds, or onyx, the bold look was very polished. Translating that look for everyday is easy.

Kat Graham rocks her black and white diamond earrings.
Sterling silver, and a black and white crystal pendant looks dressy for dinner, or change out the chain for a black cord and you're rocking your yoga pants at the grocery store. (no judgment)
This cubic zirconium pendant adds a lot of bang for the buck.
This year, dressing like the stars is more of a fashion hit then ever before! Stop into either our Akron or Columbus, Ohio locations, and let us revamp your jewelry box.

Friday, January 30, 2015

What Kind Of Jewelry Do I Pack For A Business Trip?

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Charlotte Scott's Custom Jewelers will go!

Scott and I are getting ready for a weekend away. We'll (hopefully) see the sun, eat great food, and peruse booths filled with beautiful, custom JEWELRY!

I know, rough life.

But, as many of you already know, business trips aren't as glamorous as they sound. Sure, the location is wonderful. Heck, just seeing grass instead of snow and ice is a plus in January! But when Scott and I go to jewelry trade shows, we Work.

Which brings up the age-old dilemma: What kinds of jewelry should you pack (and how to pack it), for a business trip? Scott's Custom Jewelers has you covered.

The right accessories can help you create more outfits with fewer clothes. And let's face it, woman live in mix-and-match black. So your jewelry choices can help you personalize your look and take up next to no space in your luggage.

Here's some of my fail-safe tips on jewelry choices for business travel.
  • Skip the fussy pieces. Stiff collars-style necklaces can get damaged in your suitcases. Same with ornate bib necklaces. They tend to tangle. Instead, go for a few statement pendants that can morph from a casual vibe when worn with a leather cord, to OH WOW! when worn on a fancier chain.
My go-to pieces. My custom loose diamond pendant in white gold and my yellow gold diamond mother's pendant are my favorites. I also pack a white gold chain and a long, diamond station chain in yellow gold. These four pieces can dress me for a week!

  • Next, grab some studs. And I mean the jewelry kind! Stud earrings are a great way to make an outfit look finished but not fussy, which is exactly what you wear to meetings. I love to bring pearl studs in the summer, because they look amazing against tan skin. But of course, diamonds go with everything!

Diamond stud earrings are the mullet of jewelry - business during the day, party at night!

  • Don't forget your dangle earrings! I usually pack a few fun, funky pieces in sterling silver. If the business trip includes cocktail hours, a sparkly pair of hoops is also a must.
These sterling silver hammered earrings pack easily, look fantastic and go with everything.

  • A sure fire way to change up an outfit is an armful of bracelets. Pile them on, and your little black dress is complete. Wear just a single bracelet for meetings so the clacking isn't distracting. And here's the great thing about jewelry fashion:  You can mix your costume jewelry with your "real" bracelets. The more the merrier!
I always take my custom diamond bangle, my yellow gold charm bracelet and a fun John Mederios piece. And yes, those are sparkle bracelets. They all work.

  • What about rings? In addition to my amazing custom wedding ring  (thank you hubby), I always pack a few others. For sure, I take my sterling silver hammered ring. It's looks great for casual affairs. And colored gemstone rings can be just the pop of color that brings your outfits together.
My custom madeira citrine and diamond ring is my statement piece. And the yellow sapphire and diamond swirl ring looks great with both yellow and white gold.

  • Now - how to pack it all up. I don't use a fancy shmancy travel jewelry case. Yes, that's a Crown Royal bag. No judgment. Instead, I use small baggies (I'll give you some - ask me next time you're in the store) and pack them up individually. The bags protect the jewelry from scratches. For extra protection, I stick the Crown Royal bag in my shoe.
Save those baggies from jewelry repairs! They're perfect for packing up your jewelry.

I always say, the right jewelry can make your outfit. And they always fit!